Looking at the lyrics to "Jingle Bell Rock"

  • Molly: Is Jingle Bell Rock also about riding in a sleigh? or is it about the song Jingle Bells?
  • Ben: I don't know. Let's look it up.
  • Molly: "It's a swell time to go riding in a sleigh," right?
  • Ben: I guess so.
  • Molly: ...Oh, it's about dancing.
  • Ben: ...Yes?
  • Molly: Someone said "There are no Christmas dance songs" and wrote one... Yeah, "jingle horse pick up your feet," that horse is totally dancing.
  • Ben: It's like, someone went into the town square, and everyone was dancing, and a horse started dancing too.
  • Molly: Oh, duh. It's about dressage.