Earlier today, we were all like….


But after hearing the news about The Maya Rudolph Show, we’re all like…


Congratulations on The Maya Rudolph Show getting an airdate, Maya! You know we’ll be watching. Everybody be sure to watch the premiere on May 19 at 10pm ET/PT, and you might just see some familiar faces (Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen and Chris Parnell, among others)…

Janelle Monaé as the musical guest!

SHUT UUUUUP I am so excited


Barbershop Quartet Performs ‘God Only Knows’ From the Video Game ‘BioShock Infinite’ at PAX East



Apr 8
Apr 6


Everyone needs to see this video of David Byrne trying to explain that Annie Clark (St. Vincent) is his friend but being completely confused by friendship as a concept

Apr 4


How I Wrote That Song: Nickel Creek ‘Helena’ 

They made their first TV performance in 7 years on our show this week, and we caught up with Nickel Creek backstage for a web exclusive version of their song ‘Helena’! 

[screams internally]

Apr 4



At Emerald City Comicon, Jenn and Trin caught up with musician Molly Lewis, who wrote their theme song. Jenn also found her favorite cosplayer.


Apr 4

I hate you, internet ads. I hate you the most.


I hate you, internet ads. I hate you the most.

Apr 3

This post is for my own reference as much as anything.

So more often than not, I like to hook my computer up to my living room TV, for the extra screen real estate. But when I’m not working on the computer or watching something, the TV is this big black shape on my wall, and I found myself wishing I could put something pretty in its place. So I started turning the TV into wall art - and if you have the bandwidth, I recommend trying it. Here are the things you’ll need:

  • a streaming radio service of your choice (I prefer Pandora but I don’t see why Spotify or iTunes Match wouldn’t also work - Theoretically you could also put your iTunes on shuffle but I like being surprised)
  • a Netflix subscription 

So what I’ve been doing is streaming nature documentaries on mute and playing some Pandora station under them. When it’s reeeeally good, it’s Dark Side of The Moon + Wizard Of Oz kind of stuff. And when it’s off its game a little, it’s still a calming visual abstraction while you get stuff done around the house.

Here are some of my favorite combinations so far:

  • Pandora seed: “The Other Woman” by Nina Simone
    Movie: NATURE: Magic Of The Snowy Owl
    This is one of my favorites because a lot of the songs on this station are about introspection and solitude, and so much of the snowy owl’s life is apparently sitting alone on the taiga.
    This Pandora station, which I’ve nicknamed “black ladies singing torch songs,” seems to work with everything.
  • Pandora seed: The Ink Spots (or anything else from the Bioshock soundtrack)
    Movie: Blue Planet: A Natural History Of The Oceans
    This combo is great for putting on during parties because it’s a TV series, so that’s about 6 hours of content. And the ”The Deep” episode is, uh, a great conversation starter. 
  • Pandora seed: The Hollies + The Ronettes
    Movie: DisneyNature: Wings Of Life
    This one time the crescendo bit in “A Day In The Life” came on right as a chrysalis was turning into a butterfly and my friends and I darned near pooped our pants. 
  • Pandora seed: Philip Glass
    Movie: Pingu: Chillin’ With Pingu
    I’ll admit, this one is really distracting. You find yourself overcome by the feeling that something terrible is about to happen to Pingu and his family.

Try it at home and let me know what you find. Check the “Science & Nature Documentaries" section of Netflix if you don’t know where to get started.

Apr 2



Sure, it’s showmanship, but it’s ALSO generally good advice.

wow, the best lady, i love this

I mean this is amazing on the whole but I really like the word “electrobutt.”

Apr 2


Guerrilla Monty Python ‘Ministry of Silly Walks’ Sign Encourages Silly Walking in Norwegian Village

I want to go to there.